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Coming Soon

Welcome to the home of Classic Action Arms.

Your source for FFL services and more!

We are currently working on all  of our necessary paperwork. When everything is ready we will make an announcement here.

Almost There!
In the past two weeks we have completed our ATF interview and been informed we are being recommended for approval. We are awaiting our paper license and should be able to begin business as early as the end of this month. We want to thank those of you who have been following our progress and look forward to serviing you.
We will continue to keep everyone updated with further developments..
Good News!
We had a short delay between acquiring our buiness lincenses and the filing of our application. However, our FFL Application Packet has arrived at the ATF Field office in Atlanta, GA as of today. We now have have an approximate wait time of two months which we will use to study regulations. Once the ATF schedules an interview we should be good to go.
We will continue to keep everyone updated with our progress.
Today the Classic Action Arms Team cleared one of the major hurdles in our race towards our FFL. We have obtained our clearance to proceed from the town of Wake Forest. We want our friends and future customers to know that we are on track!
The CAA team filed our official paperwork for the parent company this past week. We will be taking care of our municipal filings this coming week. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!
Last night the partners all signed our agreement and we are ready to move forward. LLC paperwork will be filed soon and then the FFL application. The target is in the sights, we all know what happens now.